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Welcome to Siva Sakthi Divine Centre in Chennai


Remedies for all problems in a easier methods and reduces ill effects of all grahas in the horoscope.


correcting the name , Finding lucky no, preparing numbered yantras, vibrating all suitable no' s for a person and business using astro numerology , pyramid numerology, vibrating all grahas numerological effects. Get rid of your bad deeds with numerology in Chennai.


finding vasthu problems by directions, lecher antenna, powerful pendulams and correcting all by simple methods without demolising any part of building.

Alternative Treatment

Relief to your physical problems through Magnetic treatment, flower medicines, Bio medicines, energy treatment, herbs medicine (Siddha), Acu pressure and colour theraphy.


Rudrakshams are available from 1 mukhi to 21 mukhis and it is suggested to a person after analysing his horoscope and problems. It is suggested for physical and spiritual healing.

Pshycho Symbology and Counselling

Giving counselling for all type of stress sugessting symbols along with flower medicine to over come all problems for adults and children.


We prepare anjanam (black sandhu), kuligai and suggests our clients to keep certain attracting herbs roots for the upliftment in person wellbeing, business development, wealth and to lead a healthier life. Contact us if you are looking for anjanam in Chennai.

Yantras and Pyramids

We give them yantras for protection, peaceful life , to remove enemies, upliftment in business, office, personal status and pyramids for high vibrations at home and office, remove ill effects, vasthu corrections etc., We use lecherantenna as our personal adviser for finding and curing all type of ill effects and problems.

India is a country named for so many of its rich traditionals. Especially in the fields of astrology and medicine. Our ancestors thought that the planets exert influence on the health aspects of human beings. So, the olden day doctors in India analyzed the horoscope of a sick person before starting treatment. While treating the patient they adopted various kinds of treatment with different methodologies.

Acupressure, mooligai (rare herbs), Alternative treatment, teletherapy, Mutra are just few of the treatment methods practiced by our ancestors. In this modern world also these olden methods of treatment are being widely practiced by the traditional practitioners around the country. Siva Sakthi Divine Centre in Chennai is a healing centre for a variety of ailments suffered by human beings applying the traditional ways of treatment.

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